Maintainability is the most demanded Characteristic nowadays by software clients that look for maintainable software that can be adapted to meet changes in business needs in an easy and simple way.

AQCLab offers a Maintainability Evaluation service conforming to ISO/IEC 25000 that provides knowledge on the maintainability of your software.

What is necessary to know the Maintainability level of your product?

To evaluate the Maintainability level of your product AQCLab only needs:

  • Access to the source code of the software product to be evaluated.
  • In case they are used, access to third-party libraries used in the development of your product.

Why evaluate Maintainability?

Software with an adequate maintainability provides the following benefits:

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Maintainability Model

Maintainability is evaluated through the following subcharacteristics:

  • Analysability: Capability to detect software faults and understand its running.
  • Modularity: Software right structuring, allowing to perform changes without affecting other parts of the software.
  • Modifiability: Easy to make changes to the software effectively and efficiently.
  • Reusability: Capability to use modules, packages, etc. In different software or in different software parts.
  • Testability: Facility to establish testing criteria and software testing.


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