[DECEMBER 2017] Universidade do Minho, first Portuguese entity to obtain the ISO/IEC 25000 – Functional Suitability certificate

Universidade do Minho

Universidade do Minho is the first Portuguese entity to obtain the AENOR certificate in conformance to ISO/IEC 25000 - Functional Suitability for its product Sistema Interno de Garantía da Qualidade da UMinho – Anonimato das respostas aos inquéritos pedagógicos, versión 1.0 (SIGAQ-UM 1.0). In the evaluation of the Functional Adequacy carried out by the accredited laboratory AQCLab, SIGAQ-UM reached a quality mark of 5 (out of 5).

We at AQCLab want to congratulate UMinho for being the first entity in Portugal to obtain the software product quality certificate in conformance to ISO/IEC 25000.

The product SIGAQ-UM 1.0, developed by Universidade do Minho, is an integral system for the assurance and management of the internal quality of the entity itself. The certification has focused on the module for the quality management of the teaching staff, verifying that the functionality of this module complies with the requirements related to the privacy and anonymity of the data of the students that complete the questionnaires.

The certification in Functional Adequacy provides the following benefits:

  • Ensuring that your product meets the needs of your customers.
  • Reduction of errors in the deployed product.
  • Better customer confidence and satisfaction.

You can obtain more information about our software quality evaluation services by contacting us through our form.

[OCTOBER 2017] Mario Piattini is awarded the Aritmel Prize 2016

Aritmel Award 2016

At the ceremony of the "Premios Nacionales de Informática" (National Computing Awards), held on October 24, 2017 at the headquarters of the BBVA Foundation in Madrid, Mario Piattini, managing partner of AQCLab, has been awarded the Aritmel Prize by the Sociedad Científica Informática de España (SCIE - Computer Science Society of Spain).

This award is given to the researcher under 55 who has made outstanding scientific contributions in the area of ​​computer engineering. The Aritmel award is part of the National Computing Awards, hosted by SCIE since 2005 to recognize well-established researchers and encourage computer research.

Director of the Alarcos research group of the Escuela Superior de Informática (University College of Computer Science) of Ciudad Real and a national and international researcher in the field of information systems quality, Mario Piattini is the most prolific Spanish author with the highest impact index in software engineering, and was included in 2011 in the "Top 15 scholars in the field of Systems and Software Engineering". He has published the most referenced books in Spanish on Software Engineering and Databases, and has directed 39 doctoral theses.

You can access more information about the winners in the 2016 edition in the following link: http://www.scie.es/premios-nacionales-de-informatica/edicion-2016/

You can listen to the interview (in Spanish) to Mario Piattini about the Aritmel prize for Cadena Ser.

Aritmel award

From left to right: Carmen Vela, Secreatry of State for Research; Mario Piattini, Scientific Director of AQCLab; Francisco González, president of BBVA and Antonio Bahamonde, president of SCIE

[AUGUST 2017] AQCLab renews the ENAC accreditation for ISO/IEC 25000 evaluations

LE2307 color mini

AQCLab maintains its commitment with quality by renewing its accreditation for software and data quality evaluation tests in conformance with ISO/IEC 25000 for the characteristics Maintainability, Functional Suitability and Data Quality.

Accreditation conforming to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard confirms the technical competence of the laboratory and ensures reliability in the results of the tests performed. To do so, the accreditation body ENAC performs a thorough evaluation of all the factors that contributing to laboratories obtaining reliable results: qualification of personnel, appropriate and validated methods and procedures, adequacy of equipment and infrastructure, techniques for quality evaluation of the results, etc.

Based on the results of the evaluations carried out by AQCLab, our customers can obtain a software product quality certification in conformance with ISO/IEC 25000, issued by AENOR. Among the companies that have recently certified the quality of their software products or their data are ICEMD, which has obtained the first certificate for Data Quality, and SICAMAN-NT, which has certified the Functional Suitability of their product MARISMA 2.0.

If your company is interested in evaluating the quality of your software products, you can contact us via this link.

[JULY 2017] ICEMD obtains the first ISO/IEC 25000 certificate worldwide for Data Quality


Sello AENOR Conform Calidad de Datos

ICEMD (Instituto de la Economía Digital de ESIC) has obtained the first ISO/IEC 25012 certificate worldwide for Data Quality. The certificate, issued by AENOR, has been granted for the Data Product DATOS DE USUARIOS DE LA PLATAFORMA DE ICEMD (Data of Users of the ICEMD Platform), after the accredited laboratory AQCLab evaluated the quality characteristics accuracy, completeness, consistency, credibility and currentness.

To carry out the certification, AENOR collaborates with AQCLab, the first laboratory in Spain accredited by ENAC (Spanish Accreditation Body) to carry out software and data quality evaluation tests, such as the Evaluation of Data Quality.

The Evaluation of Data Quality provides the following advantages:

  • Knowing the quality of the data on which we base our business
  • Detecting and resolving quality defects in the data managed by the organization
  • Mitigating risks arising from organization-wide data
  • Being absolutely confident that the data is of quality to make the best decisions
  • Assuring customers that their data is handled with the highest quality

Entrega del certificado de Calidad de Datos AENOR a ICEMD

From left to right: Moisés Rodríguez, director of AQCLab; Carlos Manuel Fernández, ICT Strategic Advisor for AENOR; Joost Van Nispen, president of ICEMD; Eduardo Gómez Martín, general director of ESIC; Manuel Romero, Business Development director of AENOR, and Gracia Serrano, Quality Director of ESIC

You can read the press release by AENOR (in Spanish) in the following link:

You can check related news in other media (in Spanish):

[JUNE 2017] SICAMAN-NT obtains ISO/IEC 25000 certification with the support of AQCLab

logo eMarisma

SICAMAN Nuevas Tecnologías has obtained the ISO/IEC 25000 - Functional Suitability certification issued by AENOR for its software product MARISMA 2.0. For this, this product has reached the highest quality level (5) in the Functional Suitability evaluation performed by the accredited laboratory AQCLab

This certification has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between AENOR, AQCLab and SICAMAN-NT, following the software product evaluation and certification process. Thus, AQCLab has evaluated the software product MARISMA 2.0 and has supported SICAMAN-NT in improving its quality to achieve ISO/IEC 25000 certification.

The product MARISMA 2.0 is a tool that allows companies to streamline risk analysis and dynamically manage the evolution of their business risks in a simple and optimal way.

Through Functional Suitability evaluation, it can be ensured that a software product complies fully and correctly with the specified requirements. In addition, the evaluation of the Functional Suitability helps to improve customer confidence and satisfaction, as well as being a differentiating element from the competition.


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