[NOVEMBER 2016] Ada Sistemas obtains ISO/IEC 25000 certification with the support of AQCLab


ADA Sistemas has obtained the ISO/IEC 25000 - Functional Suitability certification issued by AENOR for its software product Elecciones Online 2.0. For this, this product has reached the highest quality level (5) in the Functional Suitability evaluation performed by the accredited laboratory AQCLab

This certification has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between AENOR, AQCLab and ADA Sistemas, following the software product evaluation and certification process. Thus, AQCLab has evaluated the software product Elecciones Online 2.0 and has supported ADA Sistemas in improving its quality to achieve ISO/IEC 25000 certification.

The product Elecciones Online 2.0, developed by ADA Sistema, is an electronic voting system, which allows non-presential elections to be conducted using standardized and secure means of identification and encryption.

Through Functional Suitability evaluation, it can be ensured that a software product complies fully and correctly with the specified requirements. In addition, the evaluation of the Functional Suitability helps to improve customer confidence and satisfaction, as well as being a differentiating element from the competition.

[JULY 2016] AQCLab and AENOR impel ISO/IEC 25000 certification for Functional Suitability

AENOR press release - Functional Suitability ISO/IEC 25000

The need to ensure that software meets the needs and requirements of the users make Functional Suitability one of the most important software quality characteristics to ensure the success of a product among its users.

After obtaining laboratory accreditation for the evaluation of this characterisctic, AQCLab and AENOR have been working for the last year in the evaluation and certification of conformance to ISO/IEC 25000 Functional Suitability for various software products, some of which have managed to improve the quality level of their software product and obtain the certificate issued by AENOR, as in the case of Bitware and Trecone.

By means of the Functional Suitability certification, software development companies can prove that their products meet the requirements of their customers and users, and in turn, customers have the assurance that the products they acquire are complete and correct functionally.

In the following links you can find the press release published by AENOR (in Spanish), as well as several references in digital media:

[JUNE 2016] AQCLab presents the Functional Suitability evaluation in the Software Quality Professional magazine

Software Quality Professional

The laboratory AQCLab presents in the June 2016 issue of the magazine Software Quality Professional, published by ASQ, the article "Evaluation of Software Product Functional Suitability: A Case Study”. 

This article sets out the environment defined by AQCLab to evaluate Functional Suitability in conformance to ISO 25000, as well as a case study of its application: the evaluation of BitRRHH 1, developed by Bitware, that became the first product certified by AENOR to this quality characteristic.

Here you can get the PDF version of the article (link):

Evaluation of Software Product Functional Suitability: A Case Study



Note: Above you can find the PDF version of the paper "Evaluation of Software Product Functional Suitability: A Case Study". The original version of the paper has been published in the journal Software Quality Professional of ASQ (American Society for Quality). You can access the entire journal through the next link: http://asq.org/pub/sqp/past/vol18_issue3/index.html 

[APRIL 2016] AQCLab collaborates in the organization of ESEM 2016


AQCLab collaborates in the organization of the 10th International Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (ESEM2016), which will take place in Ciudad Real on the 8th and 9th of September, 2016.

The aim of ESEM is to provide a forum where researchers and practitioners can report and discuss their recent work in the areas of Empirical Software Engineering and Software Measurement.

You can get more information in the following link.

[MARCH 2016] AQCLab renews and extends the ENAC accreditation for ISO/IEC 25000 evaluations

LE2307 color mini

AQCLab has renewed and extended the scope of its accreditation for software quality evaluation tests in conformance with ISO/IEC 25000, including the characteristics Maintainability, Functional Suitability and Data Quality.

Accreditation conforming to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard confirms the technical competence of the laboratory and ensures reliability in the results of the tests performed. To do so, the accreditation body ENAC performs a thorough evaluation of all the factors that contributing to laboratories obtaining reliable results: qualification of personnel, appropriate and validated methods and procedures, adequacy of equipment and infrastructure, technics for quality evaluation of the results, etc.

Based on the results of the evaluations carried out by AQCLab, our customers can obtain a software product quality certification in conformance with ISO/IEC 25000, issued by AENOR.

If your company is interested in evaluating the quality of your software products, you can contact us via this link.


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