[MAY 2017] Mario Piattini is awarded the National Computer Engineering Award 2016

Mario Piattini - Premio Nacional de Informatica 2016

Mario Piattini, managing partner of AQCLab, has been awarded the Aritmel Prize by the Sociedad Científica Informática de España (SCIE - Computer Science Society of Spain). This award is given to the researcher under 55 who has made outstanding scientific contributions in the area of ​​computer engineering. The award takes the name of the Electromechanical Arithmometer, one of the first digital calculators designed by Leonardo Torres Quevedo based on ideas by Charles Babagge.

Director of the Alarcos research group of the Escuela Superior de Informática (University College of Computer Science) of Ciudad Real and a national and international researcher in the field of information systems quality, Mario Piattini is the most prolific Spanish author with the highest impact index in software engineering, and was included in 2011 in the "Top 15 scholars in the field of Systems and Software Engineering". He has published the most referenced books in Spanish on Software Engineering and Databases, and has directed 39 doctoral theses.

It is an honor for AQCLab to count on the knowledge and experience of Mario Piattini, this award being a further impulse to continue working for the Software Development Engineering and Quality.

You can access more information about the winners in the 2016 edition in the following link: http://www.scie.es/premios-nacionales-de-informatica/edicion-2016/

[MAY 2017] AQCLab collaborates on the new edition of the "Master in Technology Management"

Logo MDT

The accredited laboratory AQCLab collaborates with the Faculty of Informatics of the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca in the new edition of the Master en Dirección en Tecnología (Master in Technology Management).

The Master in Technology Management was created as an evolution of the Master in Management and Management of Technological Projects. The success of this master's degree and the good reception and opinion among the students who have taken it, has led us to continue working for its improvement, expanding its training in some areas, as well as incorporating new ones. Among its innovations is the training in the management of innovation and R&D&I projects, and its alignment to business needs.

Companies and organizations develop their activities in an increasingly technological world, so it is very important to know how to manage and direct projects and services related to technology, so that these are aligned with the objectives and business strategy and respond to their needs.

This master's degree provides an integral training in the direction and management of projects and services in technology, as well as the human teams that integrate them.

This includes, among others, aspects related to quality, regulation, human resources management, agile and predictive methodologies, innovation, safety, consulting, auditing, and with special interest in the training and preparation of the most demanded CERTIFICATIONS in the area: PMP PMI , PRINCE2, Agile Scrum, ITIL, as well as CISA and COBIT from ISACA.

In the following link you can find a brochure with more information about the Master.

For all those interested, you can enroll in the following link.

[MAY 2017] AQCLab collaborates with the HELENA team in the research into the state of software development


The accredited laboratory AQCLab collaborates with the HELENA (Hybrid dEveLopmENt Approaches in software systems development) team in the research into the current state of practice in software and systems development.

To this end, the HELENA team has developed an international survey to determine which development approaches (traditional, agile, main-stream, or home-grown) are used in practice and how they are combined, how such combinations were developed over time, and if and how standards (e.g., safety standards) affect the development process and the methods applied. With this information, we aim to develop and deploy new systematic process designs and improvement activities to allow for more efficient and effective development approaches.

The survey consists of four parts: Demographics; Process Use; Process Use and Standards; and Experiences. You will be asked to answer a maximum of 29 questions, and the required time to get through the survey should not exceed 20 minutes.

We encourage you to complete this survey at the following link: https://www.soscisurvey.de/HELENA/

Your collaboration is very important in helping to improve software development practices and the maturity of Software Engineering.


[NOVEMBER 2016] Ada Sistemas obtains ISO/IEC 25000 certification with the support of AQCLab


ADA Sistemas has obtained the ISO/IEC 25000 - Functional Suitability certification issued by AENOR for its software product Elecciones Online 2.0. For this, this product has reached the highest quality level (5) in the Functional Suitability evaluation performed by the accredited laboratory AQCLab

This certification has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between AENOR, AQCLab and ADA Sistemas, following the software product evaluation and certification process. Thus, AQCLab has evaluated the software product Elecciones Online 2.0 and has supported ADA Sistemas in improving its quality to achieve ISO/IEC 25000 certification.

The product Elecciones Online 2.0, developed by ADA Sistema, is an electronic voting system, which allows non-presential elections to be conducted using standardized and secure means of identification and encryption.

Through Functional Suitability evaluation, it can be ensured that a software product complies fully and correctly with the specified requirements. In addition, the evaluation of the Functional Suitability helps to improve customer confidence and satisfaction, as well as being a differentiating element from the competition.

[JULY 2016] AQCLab and AENOR impel ISO/IEC 25000 certification for Functional Suitability

AENOR press release - Functional Suitability ISO/IEC 25000

The need to ensure that software meets the needs and requirements of the users make Functional Suitability one of the most important software quality characteristics to ensure the success of a product among its users.

After obtaining laboratory accreditation for the evaluation of this characterisctic, AQCLab and AENOR have been working for the last year in the evaluation and certification of conformance to ISO/IEC 25000 Functional Suitability for various software products, some of which have managed to improve the quality level of their software product and obtain the certificate issued by AENOR, as in the case of Bitware and Trecone.

By means of the Functional Suitability certification, software development companies can prove that their products meet the requirements of their customers and users, and in turn, customers have the assurance that the products they acquire are complete and correct functionally.

In the following links you can find the press release published by AENOR (in Spanish), as well as several references in digital media:


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