The quality of the information is a key factor, because the success of the decisions made by organizations depends heavily on the quality data on which those decisions are based. However, the organizations often lack the means to be able to assess the quality of their data. Therefore, AQCLab has developed a framework for evaluating and improving the data quality.

What is necessary to know the Data Quality level of your data?

To evaluate the Data Quality level of your data AQCLab only needs:

  • Access to a copy of the data to be evaluated.
  • The quality requirements of your data, i.e. the rules that the data must fulfill, such as: attributes that should not be null, regular expressions, attributes that must be unique, etc.
  • The data model, which must specify at least the name of the tables, the attributes of each table, and the relationship between the tables.

Data Quality Evaluation and Improvement

The assessment and improvement of data quality aims to analyze the quality characteristics of the data stored by an organization, detecting the weaknesses and proposing the improvements necessary to ensure that the data stored have the desired quality.

AQCLab has selected a subset of the characteristics defined in ISO/IEC 25012 standard as reference for evaluating the quality data, allowing organizations to gain an independent evaluation of the quality of their data.

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Data Quality Model

Data quality is evaluated through the following characteristics:

  • Accuracy: The data have attributes that correctly represent the true value of the desired attribute for a concept or event in a specified context.
  • Completeness: The data associated with an entity have values for all attributes necessary for the representation of the entity.
  • Consistency: The data are free of contradictions and are consistent with the rest of the data of its specific context of use.
  • Credibility: The data have attributes that are considered certain and credible to users.
  • Currentness: The data have attributes with currently valid values for its specific context of use.

Benefits for the CEO

  • Know the value of the data to make better decisions.
  • Identify responsibilities for activities related to the data.
  • Manage risks related to the data and ensure compliance.

Benefits for the CIO

  • Mitigate the data-related risks across the organization.
  • Become a strategic business ally, providing the most important asset.
  • Optimize resources in the execution of data-related activities.

Benefits for other users

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  • Have absolute confidence that the data are reliable.
  • Identify responsibilities for data management and use.
  • Provide data management policies to ensure quality levels.

Benefits for the organization

  • Find and fix quality defects in the data managed by the the organization.
  • Work according to International Standards (ISO/IEC 25012).
  • Get a certificate for the data of the organization.
  • Get recognition againts your competition.
  • Increase the satisfaction and confidence of the clients.


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