The quality of the software development processes of an organization is one of its main foundations, since it is of great importance to its business culture, and because it serves as a differentiator for their customers. AQCLab has been involved in more than 40 projects of evaluation, improvement and certification of software development processes using models such as CMMI, ISO/IEC 15504, and Automotive SPICE, reaching a 100% success rate on companies that achieved the intended maturity level during certification.

The main goal of AQCLab in software process evaluation and improvement projects is to add value to the organization by analyzing the existing processes, reusing what is aligned to the standard, and defining and improving what is not aligned.

Work Method on Process Improvement Projects


Software Process Quality Models

AQCLab currently works primarily with two models to support companies in the improvement of their software development processes:

ISO/IEC 15504 (SPICE: Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination)

ISO/IEC 15504 is an international standard developed by ISO whose main goal is the evaluation and improvement of process capability and maturity .

For software development companies, the standard ISO/IEC 15504 is used in conjunction with the standard ISO/IEC 12207 (which is the process reference model) to evaluate and improve the capability and maturity of software development and maintenance processes.

ISO/IEC 33000

ISO/IEC 33000 is the new famility of international standards developed by ISO that revises ISO/IEC 15504 for the evaluation and improvement of process capability and maturity.

In the manner of ISO/IEC 15504, for software development companies, ISO/IEC 33000 is used in conjunction with ISO/IEC 12207 to evaluate and improve the capability and maturity of software development and maintenance processes.

Automotive SPICE

For software development companies in the automotive sector, the Automotive SIG “Special Interest Group” (consisting of AUDI, Fiat, Ford, BMW, Land Rover, Porsche, Volkswagen and Volvo among others) designed a schema that included specific evaluation of the specific characteristics of the automotive industry, known as Automotive SPICE.

Automotive SPICE follows the rules established by ISO 15504 and ISO 12207, and therefore it is very similar to the schema used generally for software assessment, the main difference being that it evaluates individual process capability for a specific subset of the processes defined in ISO 12207.

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Benefits for our clients

  • Create a software development culture in the organization.
  • Get recognition and competitive advantage.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Incresase software development performance.
  • Work under internationally recognized standards and best practices.
  • Continuous improvement and controlled groth of the organization.
  • Obtnain a certification according to the Software Engineering Maturity Model ISO/IEC 15504-SPICE, issued by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification).


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