Functional Suitability is one of the most important quality characteristics, since it entails that a software product meets the needs and requirements of its users.

By means of the Functional Suitability certification, software development companies can prove that their products meet the requirements of their customers and users, and in turn, customers have the assurance that the products they acquire are complete and correct functionally.

AQCLab offers a Functional Suitability Evaluation service conforming to ISO/IEC 25000 that provides knowledge on the functional suitability of the software your organization develops or acquires.

What is necessary to know the Functional Suitability level of your product?

To evaluate the Functional Suitability level of your product AQCLab only needs:

  • The functional software requirements specification.
  • The functional test plan for your product and the results of its execution.
  • Source code and access to your product in execution.

Why evaluate Functional Suitability?

Software with an adequate Functional Suitability level provides the following benefits:

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Functional Suitability Model

Functional Suitability is evaluated through the following subcharacteristics:

  • Functional Completeness: System capacity to provide all the functions specified by the user.
  • Functional Correctness: The system has behaviour and generates the results desired by the user.
  • Functional Appropriateness: System capacity to perform only the functions necessary for the system carries the task and objectives that have been specified by the user.


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