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SICAMAN Nuevas Tecnologías has obtained the ISO/IEC 25000 - Functional Suitability certification issued by AENOR for its software product MARISMA 2.0. For this, this product has reached the highest quality level (5) in the Functional Suitability evaluation performed by the accredited laboratory AQCLab

This certification has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between AENOR, AQCLab and SICAMAN-NT, following the software product evaluation and certification process. Thus, AQCLab has evaluated the software product MARISMA 2.0 and has supported SICAMAN-NT in improving its quality to achieve ISO/IEC 25000 certification.

The product MARISMA 2.0 is a tool that allows companies to streamline risk analysis and dynamically manage the evolution of their business risks in a simple and optimal way.

Through Functional Suitability evaluation, it can be ensured that a software product complies fully and correctly with the specified requirements. In addition, the evaluation of the Functional Suitability helps to improve customer confidence and satisfaction, as well as being a differentiating element from the competition.


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